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Highlights: We are now offering Botox, Laser Chemical Peels and Dermal Fillers under the supervision of Dr. Berger. We are excited to offers these new services with Dr. Berger or Julia,RN on Wednesdays weekly. We are also providing Eyelash Extension. Don't forget to ask about our spa memberships and specials...

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Here are some important tips to remember during the winter months!
1. Keep hydrated, drink plenty of water! Keeping the skin hydrated from within will prevent your skin from becoming dehydrated, premature aging and will help with the texture of the skin. Staying hydrated during the winter months will help the skins elasticity.
2. Use moisturizing lotions, rather than creams, daily to keep the skin from being damaged and dry. Also be sure to use lotions that contain humectants, such as sorbitol and glycerin, which will absorb and retain moisture. If you would rather use oils than lotions, use one that will not clog the pores such as almond and primrose oils.
3. Drink plenty of vitamin rich liquids to help provide the body and skin with all the nutrients that it needs. Examples would be cranberry, blueberry and orange juices. Green tea is great for its antioxidant properties and will keep you warm.
4. Remember that taking while taking long showers is great for the pores, during the winter it strips the skin of its natural oils causing the skin to crack and become chapped.
5. Hands sanitizers are a great alternative to hand washing when you can't get to soap and water, but, in the winter it is very drying to the skin because of the alcohol. If using the sanitizers are necessary, use ones that are alcohol free to prevent cracking and drying of the hands.
6. Most importantly during the winter months continue to use sunscreen. Although the sun may be hidden more during this season, it can still cause great damage to your skin. Remember to apply 30 minutes prior to going out and remember to reapply. Keeping the hands covered and protected during the winter is important because the skin on our hands is thin. Our hands can be damaged by the sun just as the skin on our faces. Be sure to use sunscreen on hands as well. Total rejuvenating hand creme will fade sun spots and minimize fine lines while moisturizing your hands! Apply and reapply even if the hands don't feel dry.
7. Keep lips moisturized with Lip enhance. This will keep lips moisturized and helps to smooth fine lines. It is wonderful year round product for lips!
8. A healthy diet is key to great skin! Be sure to stay away from cleaning lotions, disinfectants, and chemical that will take a negative toll on your skin.
9. The skin around our eyes is the most delicate and we need to protect it by using eye cremes or serums. Keeping the skin around the eyes hydrated and moisturized is important. While helping to keep the eyes hydrated and moisturized, the Total eye lift creme, Vital C eye Recovery gel and Balancing Eye Lift gel all offer added benefits of minimizing dark circles, puffy eyes, fine lines and tightening and lifting the skin around the eyes.
10. Use humidifier rather than central heating because it will add moisture to the air that will prevent your skin from becoming dry.